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WHITE PAPER - What should be in your business plan
Published on: 10/12/2018
Don’t prepare your business plan to impress investors. Build it to reflect your idea and use your research to rationalize the validity of the idea. Never base your conclusions on hunches and beliefs, but prepare the overall plan to build a business case that’s appealing.
White Paper - Making The Most of Banking Relationships
Published on: 10/5/2018
Regardless of the type of business you run, you need to have solid relationships with your bank and your banker. But what the bank should expect of you? Perhaps more importantly, what you should expect of the bank?

After 45 years in the financial industry, I’ve made certain observations on both sides of this equation that may prove valuable. I’m happy to share them here:
White Paper - Finding The Marketing Unicorn
Published on: 8/23/2018
In a recent conversation, a Millennial business owner lamented: “My marketing director knows all about social media…but can’t do much of anything else.”

Anecdotal evidence suggests this reaction is increasingly common, so we’ve asked Rob Weinberg, Chief Strategist of The MarketBuilding Team, to share some thoughts on how to find that ever-elusive creature; The Marketing Unicorn.

You’ll find his insights compelling, and also quickly recognize the solutions he provides apply to every discipline currently facing a shortage of talent. Take 10 minutes to solve your labor problems now.
White Paper - Consumer Privacy – What You Need to Know
Published on: 7/27/2018
The heat’s been turned up on companies that request or store personal data, even if it’s just to respond to requests for information. Penalties are stiff, and consumer information privacy is a growing movement. Learn here how it impacts your business…regardless of where you’re based.
White Paper - Improving Your Company's Value
Published on: 6/29/2018
How well is your privately-held company running? Here is a 10-point guide that will help you increase your value by getting to fiscal fitness. How does value result from being fiscally fit? Learn all you need to know right here.

Sponsor Profiles

Who's Sponsoring CRT - Win Engelbert
Published on: 11/30/2018
Win Englebert, Director of Business Development, Bank of the West

With over 40 years in the banking world, Win is both accomplished and highly enthusiastic about commercial, private banking and financial services. He brings a proactive, results-oriented approach towards everything he does for each of our clients.

Do yourself a favor and introduce yourself at the next free CRT meeting.
Who's Sponsoring CRT - Hanaa Zahran
Published on: 8/31/2018
Hanaa Zahran, SVP / Sr Relationship Manager, Pacific Premier Bank

Specializing in Commercial and Private Banking, Not for Profit Board Management, and Business Strategy. Hanaa brings over 20 years of experience in global treasury management, advisory sales, business development and relationship management to CRT's table at every meeting.

Do yourself a favor and introduce yourself at the next free CRT meeting.

Mentor Profiles

Who's by your side at Chairmen's RoundTable
Published on: 10/19/2018
Bill Lofft
With over 40 years of executive and financial management experience, Bill has founded, owned, operated, financed, served on the board of directors, and been an executive for a broad array of technology, energy and media businesses including: electronic media measurement of Cable TV, print media, broadband Cable and Satellite television distribution technology, the San Diego Super Computer Center, as well as nuclear and advanced fossil fuel power.
Who's by your side at Chairmen's RoundTable
Published on: 8/3/2018
Virginia (Ginny) Beneke
30 years’ experience in organizational leadership, marketing, business development, strategic planning, and sales management in the technology (data networking and mobile) and education industries.
Who's by your side at Chairmen's RoundTable
Published on: 7/6/2018
Steve Mendell
Specializing in Biotechnology, Medical Devices, and Business Strategy
Who's by your side at Chairmen's RoundTable
Published on: 6/12/2018
J. Jeffrey Campbell
Corporate Leader, Mentor, Educator, Speaker, Writer and Connector


“The only failure is not to try.”— George Clooney
Published on: 11/2/2018
One of TIME Magazine’s Most Influential People in the World, George Clooney shows us all how to combine talent, good ideas, hard work, persistence, and the right connections into a household name.

Here’s how the Chairmen’s RoundTable is ready to help with the ideas and provide the connections.
“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”— Albert Einstein
Published on: 9/14/2018
One of the smartest people who ever lived, Einstein neatly summed up entrepreneurship with this statement. Few would argue with him.
“A true measure of your worth includes all the benefits others have gained from your success.”
Published on: 7/13/2018
Author Cullen Hightower said it best. For the past 21 years the professionals around the Chairmen’s RoundTable have been helping hundreds of San Diego’s businesses innovate, lead, and get to the next level.

GET THIS SERVICE FOR FREE. Learn more today.
"The man who can drive himself further once the effort gets painful is the man who will win."
Published on: 8/10/2018
Olympian Roger Bannister knew what he was talking about. For the past 21 years the professionals around the Chairmen’s RoundTable have been helping hundreds of San Diego’s businesses innovate, lead, and drive themselves further...beyond the the success they seek.
“Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” --Steve Jobs
Published on: 6/15/2018
At Chairmen’s RoundTable we’re all about helping San Diego’s businesses innovate, lead, and get to the next level.

Join some of the world's smartest business leaders to learn how to maximize your operations and profits. It's a free service, and you may qualify to become a client.


Client Profiles

How can I be a great CRT mentee?
Published on: 12/7/2018
It’s a question we’re asked all the time; How do I make Chairmen’s RoundTable work best for my particular circumstances?

This 60-second read provides answers from a two-time participant in the CRT Experience.
Chairmen's RoundTable Client Profile - Duck Foot Brewing
Published on: 9/28/2018
Here’s a CRT client with a creative product line, a great attitude on the importance of balancing work and fun, and a realistic recognition that they don’t have all the answers to build on yesterday’s positive news to make tomorrow’s success. Turning to us for the answers, their CEO now says “WOW! I wish I’d worked with Chairmen’s RoundTable YEARS ago!”
Chairmen's RoundTable Client Profile - Kirei
Published on: 7/20/2018
Here's a client so satisfied with the CRT experience that he worked with us TWICE! He says; "I would recommend Chairmen’s RoundTable to anyone who owns a business."
Chairmen's RoundTable Client Profile - EcoCaters
Published on: 6/22/2018
CRT brought focus to a company with huge potential and plans to quintuple gross sales in the next five years. Client calls working with CRT "one of the smartest moves" he could have made.


Let's not be so serious!
Published on: 11/23/2018
Here are 16 entertaining facts about the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade.
CRT's social media is expanding
Published on: 9/21/2018
Chairmen’s Roundtable’s social media profile is MUCH more vibrant these days, and we're growing! You’ll now find us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, AND Instagram.
A Rare Opportunity!
Published on: 9/6/2018
A rare opening in the league of CRT sponsors provides the right business owner an opportunity to hobnob with the finest, most dynamic, and arguably the best connected business leaders in San Diego County.